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BGC Penalty Cup

Let us tell you something crazy. Thanks to Elektrospecialist Lunenburg Nuland en Rosmalen (a local specialist in electrical devices) we have a new game to announce. De Lunenburg Wasmachine Cup... translated the Lunenburg Washing Machine Shoot-out. Each team will be invited to participate on a set time on friday. This time will be given to you and your team in your program (binder). 

  • Each player can shoot 3 times. The total amount of points will select the winner which will participate in the final shoot out on Saturday. When team players have the same highest score these players will shoot another round of 1 shot again. Until one best team member with the highest score is left for the finale round on Saturday.

The finales will be more traditional and will be a penalty shoot out. Leaving one winner after a knockout penalty series.


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