hlavní obrázek


Thank you for choosing our tournament! The team of the Brabant Girls Cup welcomes you! During the check in you will receive all information about your stay, the vouchers to check in at your accommodation and practical information about the tournament.

If it appears that you will arrive later (or earlier) on the day of arrival, let us know. We will then personally welcome you to check in.

We are open from 14:00 till 19:00 hours.

Check in: 

If you booked the school (Rodenborgh College) or Zonnewende you can check in at: 

Sports Park OJC Rosmalen
Laaghemaal 38
5247 NP Rosmalen

If you booked Oostappen Vakantiepark Prinsenmeer you can check in at: 

Oostappen Vakantiepark Prinsenmeer
Beekstraat 31
5724 PL Asten


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